Blending historical design with modern style is a complicated task, but when done well it can lead to something beautiful.

Project Challenge

Blending historical design with modern style is a complicated task, but when done well it can lead to something beautiful. This is a constant challenge along the East Coast of the United States, as homeowners seek to evoke the look and feel of our nation’s 13 original colonies while still incorporating the sleek lines and modern feel of contemporary design.

For residents in Timonium, Maryland, a small suburb just north of Baltimore, there is an added wrinkle of complexity to consider. While most homes along the Eastern Seaboard face some form of extreme weather—such as intense heat and summer storms in the South and severe cold and heavy snow in the North—Timonium residents sit right on the border of the two weather patterns, facing brutal heat and humidity in the summer followed by chilly winters with substantial snowfall.

When the team at Zander Homes in Maryland was tasked with building a new home in the Timonium area, they needed to craft a design that could blend traditional European architecture with contemporary flair. At the same time, the products used in the home had to be designed to withstand the area’s dramatic weather shifts throughout the year.

Architectural Solution

When faced with the unique design and environmental factors in the area, along with a client needing to keep the total cost of the home in a moderate budget range, the Zander team recognized that JELD-WEN® Siteline® windows and patio doors would be the best option.

“We’ve used Siteline windows in several constructions, and when one of our clients wanted black aluminum-clad windows, we naturally went with Siteline,” said Alexander Trakhtman with Zander Homes. “We’ve had great experiences over many years with JELD-WEN products, both in terms of their quality and the service we receive from the organization. We knew that using the Siteline products would make our jobs that much easier.”

Largely considered the best value on the market today, Siteline windows blend strength and durability by utilizing some of the most modern, high-performance engineering techniques. AuraLast® pine is a patented wood product that provides protection against wood rot, water damage and termites. This water-based process fortifies wood all the way to the core, providing an exclusive level of protection you’ll only find through JELD-WEN. With a wide array of design options, the product collection offers nearly infinite style possibilities, making it easy for the Zander team to select just the right windows and patio doors to provide the home with a classic yet contemporary accent.

“JELD-WEN has a great reputation in the market for high-quality windows and doors, and it shows,” says Trakhtman. “Their responsiveness and commitment to quality comes through. We think the project turned out beautiful—and our clients agree.”

Product details

  • 47 JELD-WEN® Siteline® Clad Casement Windows
  • JELD-WEN® Siteline® Clad Exterior Circle-Segment Picture Window
  • JELD-WEN® Siteline® Clad Bow Window
  • Single-Swing JELD-WEN® Siteline® Doors
  • Double-Swing JELD-WEN® Siteline® Doors