Location: Portland, Maine

Architect: Ryan Senatore, AIA LEED-AP BD+C, Portland, ME

General Contractor: PC Construction Company, South Burlington, VT

Dealer: Pinnacle Solutions, Hallowell, ME

Project Overview

This new building sits in Longfellow Square, a historic neighborhood in Portland. Thus, it needed to integrate well into the neighborhood while also offering modern amenities.

Other requirements:

  • Design Pressure (DP)* rating of 65.
  • Vinyl windows with aluminum cladding
  • Highly insulated building envelope with efficient building systems
  • Consulted with stakeholders to incorporate the windows into the unique building envelope
  • Expanse of windows provides large amounts of sunlight
  • Solar shading for controlling energy efficiency
  • High quality, low maintenance exterior materials
  • Use of metal sheeting for the outside structure required special installation instructions and the use of a tower crane in construction of the building

*DP is a performance specification for how well the window resists design wind loads. It is expressed in how many pounds per square foot (PSF) of pressure the window can withstand.


DF™ Hybrid Windows

  • Three-point weatherstrip to protect against water and air infiltration, even at low temperatures
  • 2 1/4-in vinyl sash for rigidity and tight seal
  • Cast metal hardware
  • Low-E glass, helping the units stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter

Longfellow Square, named for poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, is in Portland’s West End. The Square, which includes a cast-bronze statue of Longfellow, is surrounded by 19th century buildings. These were originally homes, converted to commercial use in the 1920s.

When deciding to build a new apartment complex in the Square, style and construction were carefully considered. The building is constructed of granite, bricks and steel. Thoughtful layout of each apartment includes oversized windows.

To create this look, JELD-WEN architectural consultants collaborated with architect Ryan Senatore. JELD-WEN recommended the DF Hybrid windows, as they had a higher structural rating. DF Hybrid windows are also easy to customize.**

JELD-WEN prepared a mockup of the installation process, which was custom, due to the exterior of the building. All parties worked together from the beginning to achieve the desired look and functionality.

The building opened to tenants in June 2017.

**These windows are hybrid because they include white PVC frames and have an extruded aluminum-clad sash.