The 2008 winner of the JELD-WEN Reliable Lighthouse Initiative received the latest in window and door technology. (see video)


The rebuilt New Canal Lighthouse features JELD-WEN Custom Wood windows, made with superior rot-resistant AuraLast® Wood, in a style that closely resembles the lighthouse as it was in the nineteenth century. Custom Wood Mahogany doors with 45-minute fire ratings were also installed.

New Canal Lighthouse was the 2008 winner of the JELD-WEN Reliable Lighthouse Initiative and received the latest in window and door technology, designed to perform exceptionally well in all climates, including harsh, humid coastal conditions.

The restoration ensures that this beloved landmark will remain one of New Orleans’ treasured icons. For homeowners, the restoration exemplifies the challenges that arise in selecting historically appropriate, durable products.


New Canal Lighthouse has an interesting and evolving history, dating back to 1839. From what amounted to a light mounted on a pole at entrance to the New Basin Canal, the lighthouse was remodeled into a one-story building in 1855, refurbished again as a two-story structure in 1890, then moved to the lakefront in the early 1900s. The red and white structure of today replicates the one built in 1890 and symbolizes an era of maritime commerce.

The structure was heavily damaged after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005. The story of New Canal’s rebuilding is more than a lighthouse story and more than an historic preservation story. New Canal’s is a story of what it means to play a small but symbolic part as a beacon for the rebuilding of New Orleans.


JELD-WEN windows not only had to closely resemble the originals, they also had to be superior technologically. Lighthouses are exposed to harsh weather day in and day out. Constant moisture can lead to wood rot. JELD-WEN® Windows with exclusive AuraLast® Wood offer surface-to-core protection against wood rot for 20 years. Because AuraLast withstands the rigors of coastal climates, it is a superior choice for lighthouse renovation.

Lighthouses are also historic structures. The 16 Custom Wood Windows closely matched the 1890 originals in size and style all the way down to tiny details such as the narrow muntin bars with a unique profile that looks like the putty-glazed bars of yesteryear.

The rebuilt New Canal will be an aid to navigation, museum and environmental education center.

Product Details

  • Custom Wood Windows with AuraLast® Wood (pine)
  • Custom Mahogany exterior doors

Project Team

  • Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation
  • Glen Higgins, Architect
  • Certified Construction Professionals, LLC